Sabastian Hannar

Religious scholar and envoy on the Georgia Expedition.


A young German-born-American-raised scholar, Sabastian proved the top of all his classes and decided to later become a priest. A man of both science and God, Hannar was employed by Grand Duke Louis to act as the envoy, the voice of civilization, to the alleged Amazonian women. He and Muller were the only two members of the expedition allowed to speak politically to the inhabitants of the Abkhazia forest.

While travelling through Romania Hannar had a strong vision and convinced Muller to take a quick stop at the Monastery of Argisch. Once the expedition arrived Hannar began to act very strangely. When the team began to pack up and leave Sabastian grabbed a pick-axe and began tearing down the weeping fountain inside the chapel. inside it was hollow and the remains of a long-dead woman were inside. During this conflict Walter Blake, one of the two hired guns of the expedition, shot Sabastian in the leg.

Later that night Sabastian apologized to the ‘skilled team’ and asked them if he should return to the monastery, as the voices were still calling to him. Everyone told him no, to get some rest but in the morning he was gone. The only sign of Hannar was two tiny, dime-sized drops of blood on the base of his pillow, where his neck lay.

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Sabastian Hannar

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